Monday, January 27, 2014

 Welcome to Tuesday Tales! The word prompt is "mirror". This is from a WIP:       The Scent of Love
Jory gazed in the mirror, like she did every morning, but the same reflection looked back.

Pride in being the smarter sister faded when she face the plain, simple countenance every morning. Jackie assured her makeup would help. But Jory had never learned how to apply it. Always absorbed in her writing, now her career at the Pine Grove Weekly Post, she never made time to learn. Jory was smarter than that, she had accepted her fate.
             Jackie had started writing to Bryce Hughes after an article Jory did for the paper and being shamed by their aunt. Yes, Jackie was vain, selfish and immature, she was also beautiful beyond belief. She took on the project and kept it up for three weeks. Just long enough to send a picture of herself in a bikini to the randy soldier. 
            Of course he fell in love. Who wouldn’t after looking at her. Then she met a new guy and stopped writing.

            ‘You’re the writer in our family, not me. Please take over? You write to him. You’ll be much better than I am.”

            As she always did, Jory spoiled her little sister and took over. Now Bryce was at the V.A. hospital in Oak Bend. Someone wrote on his behalf. He was expecting Jackie to visit. Lord, how had she gotten into this mess? At least his injury had blinded him, so if she had to see him, he’d never know it wasn’t Jackie. But that was only temporary. She’d been told he was scheduled for surgery.
             Jory bit a nail. What the hell was she going to do when he got his sight back? 
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  1. Oh boy, she`s gotten herself into quite a pickle!

  2. Oh wow...she's in for a mess of trouble...which I can't wait for! I'm excited to see how this gets cleared up!

  3. What a great situation you have created.

  4. Great scene and I hope Bryce falls in love with her, not the shallow sister.

  5. Love it. I somehow think she may be more attractive than she thinks she is!

  6. What a dilemma she has ahead of her.
    How funny about your characters - I was the 'smart' one, the nerdy bookworm and my younger sister was the 'pretty' one that always had a string of boyfriends around.
    Loved the scene. I can't wait to read more.

  7. Wonderful twist with one sister pretending to be the other. It will be difficult to explan to the soldier. Can't wait to see what happens next.